Joy to the Nerd

Friday, October 23

New Website

Visit a new and improved blog, plus paintings and videos at:

Sunday, August 16

These Go To Eleven

I really hate to tell you this, but I took this picture in a hospital room.

Saturday, August 8

Drive-Thru Malfunctioning, Pecos, NM

Yes, we did honk twice and were served.

Friday, July 31

Fitness Trail Marker, Santa Fe

In the 1980's there was a fad among parks and recreation departments to add "fitness trails" to walking paths. These trails had signs describing an exercise you were supposed to perform while taking your walk. Most also had little props like a chin-up bar or some kind of step or bench. I remember our girl scout troop made an outing to try the newly installed fitness trail in my hometown. It is rare to find these trails anymore but I have seen a number of instances where a lone sign was saved from demolition because of its relatively hidden location.

Wednesday, July 29

Neglected James Turrell, Santa Fe

This Skyspace needs attention.

Thursday, July 23

Mall, Santa Fe

Thursday, May 7

Bubble Wrap

I bought a large roll of bubble wrap on line to have on hand to protect current and future artworks. I did not consider its size very carefully when placing my order. It arrived by special truck today and it will not fit in the house. Darin is the photo so you can get a sense of the scale. I will unwrap it and make two rolls.